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CD is converted from tapers digitized directly from tapers. It is not a net. The intro is recorded from the sound of the bell notifying the opening. This live which had been converted into CD from the analog era just because the sound quality is good, the live of this day is made into CD for the first time in around by the old SIRA board CD. It certainly クイーンカジノ itself Wall Live, it was a decent CD conversion from Tape, and there is something that is deeply impressed considering the quantity of recent years.

Sounds are good at this live, and several vera john have appeared after SIRA, but this time the tapers have been digitized from sound sources and are being converted into sounds. Although there is a kind of master direct on the net, it differs from that I think that it was borrowed from the cassette and vera john it. Waveform also differs. Like previous titles, there was a cut in In The Flesh? Etc, but only in The Flesh? In addition, the vera john where the one ch of the intro section is turned off has been monotized. Other little missing parts are vera john intact. Originally this sound source only exists in this sound source at the present time In addition to vera john correction and volume adjustment, it remains roughly the original sound source.

EQ processing is not done. Therefore, compared with the process which was already somewhat fancy with the vera john episode, here it is extremely natural sound. The bell sound that vera john カウンティング introduction of the intro is thought to be the recording since カジノ アプリ.

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